Electric Fetus

Brigitte Calls Me Baby Private In-store Performance and Signing

Electric Fetus Minneapolis
Minneapolis, MN

We are psyched to have Brigitte Calls Me Babyhere for a private performance and signing on Friday, Sept. 6th at 6:30 p.m.! We're celebrating the Electric Fetus' exclusive red and black splatter version of their forthcoming album, The Future Is Our Way Out.Secure your pass now by pre-ordering this vinyl, which is limited to just 200 copies. We'll have 150 passes available for this event. You may pre-order online or at the music counter.

CLICK HERE to preorder The Future Is Our Way Out for your event pass.

Only the Electric Fetus version will get you the pass. One person may order up to two copies to get two passes. Each pass admits one person only. Everyone who has previously pre-ordered this item will be contacted and offered an event pass.

Brigitte Calls Me Baby will play the Fine Line on Saturday, September 7th.

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