Format: CD
Catalog: 229
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 04/22/2003
UPC: 800757022924

Artist: Vital Remains
Format: CD
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Back in the day, as undergroundists all over the world always seem tosay no matter what underground they belong to, bands like Vital Remains were tena penny. But it's been a good decade since death metal was the weapon of choicefor young and hungry metallers, and these days, the Providence, Rhode Island grouphave assumed the mantle of elder statesmen in the scene, something underscoredby the coup of securing the services of Glen Benton of Deicide as their vocaliston this, their fifth album Dechristianize.

If this record has a unique sellingpoint, it's surely the unadulterated pleasure of hearing Mr. Benton growl andhowl his way along to music that actually has recognizable tunes, something sorelylacking from way too many Deicide albums since their 1990 debut. On the traditionaldeath metal stompalongs such as "Infidel," his vokills nicely complement VitalRemains' bruising, rhythmic attack, even if the punishment doesn't quite reachthe majesty of the band's greatest outing to date, 1997's Forever Underground.

Most of the time, though, Dave Suzuki and Tony Lazaro seem much happier to whipup a melodic storm, injecting countless Iron Maidenisms into the riffage and soloingwith true abandon. Sometimes, as on "Devoured Elysium," the combination of melodyand death metal strongly suggests they've dusted off their copies of onetime Peacevillelabelmates At the Gates' back catalogues; at others, as on "At War With God,"this album recalls fellow East Coast scenemates Ripping Corpse's 1990 unsung classicDreaming With the Dead. If you want to hear some melodic death metal deliveredwith all the trademark brutality of the American underground rather than the prissinessof too many of the New Wave of Swedish Death Metal bands, then Dechristianizeis for you.

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