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Ltd. 7LP Box Silver Vinyl
Ltd. 7LP Box Silver Vinyl


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 12/10/2021
UPC: 884860410816

Lordiversity [Indie Exclusive] (Silver Vinyl) (Box) [Colored Vinyl]
Artist: Lordi
Format: Vinyl
New: Available to Order $237.98

Formats and Editions


1. LP1 - Side A
2. SCG Minus 7: The Arrival
3. Day Off of the Devil
4. Starsign Spitfire
5. Maximum-O-Lovin'
6. the King on the Head Staker's Mountain
7. Side B
8. Carnivore
9. Phantom Lady
10. The Tragedy of Annie Mae
11. Blow My Fuse
12. ... And Beyond the Isle Was Mary
13. LP2 - Superflytrap
14. Side A
15. SCG Minus 6:
16. Delightful Pop-Ins
17. Macho Freak
18. Believe Me
19. Spooky Jive
20. City of the Broken Hearted
21. Side B
22. Bella from Hell
23. Cast Out from Heaven
24. Gonna Do It (Or Do It and Cry)
25. Zombimbo
26. Cinder Ghost Choir
27. LP3
28. The Masterbeast from the Moon
29. Side A
30. SCG Minus 5: Transmission Request
31. Moonbeast
32. Celestial Serpents
33. Hurricane of the Slain
34. Spear of the Romans
35. Side B
36. Bells of the Netherworld
37. Transmission Reply
38. Church of Succubus
39. Soliloquy
40. Robots Alive!
41. Yoh-Haee-Von
42. Transmission on Repeat
43. LP4 - Abusement Park
44. Side A
45. SCG Minus 4: The Carnival Barker
46. Abusement Park
47. GRRR!
48. Ghost Train
49. Carousel
50. House of Mirrors
51. Side B
52. Pinball Machine
53. Nasty, Wild ; Naughty
54. Rollercoaster
55. Up to No Good
56. Merry Blah Blah Blah
57. LP5
58. Humanimals
59. Side A
60. SCG Minus 3: Scarctic Circle Telethon
61. Borderline
62. Victims of the Romance
63. Heart of a Lion
64. The Bullet Bites Back
65. Be My Maniac
66. Side B
67. Rucking Up the Party
68. Girl in a Suitcase
69. Supernatural
70. Like a Bee to the Honey
71. Humanimal
72. LP6
73. Abracadaver
74. Side A
75. SCG Minus 2: Horricone
76. Devilium
77. Abracadaver
78. Rejected
79. Acid Bleeding Eyes
80. Raging at Tomorrow
81. Side B
82. Beast of Both Worlds
83. I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry
84. Bent Outta Shape
85. Evil
86. Vulture of Fire
87. Beastwood
88. LP7
89. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular
90. Side A
91. SCG Minus 1: The Ruiz Ranch Massacre
92. Demon Supreme
93. Re-Animate
94. Lizzard of Oz
95. Killusion
96. Skull and Bones (The Danger Zone)
97. Side B
98. Goliath
99. Drekavac
100. Terror Extra-Terrestrial
101. Shake the Baby Silent
102. If It Ain't Broken (Must Break It)
103. Anticlimax

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Ltd. 7LP Box Silver Vinyl

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